SAYWHEN is the project of Cincinnati-based producer/songwriter Christian Blake, who combines alternative rock and emo-pop with a versatile vocal range that conveys angsty nostalgia and catharsis. The early 2022 release of ‘stupid’ saw SAYWHEN transition from behind-the-scenes producer and songwriter to a full-fledged artist, quickly growing a crazed, dedicated fanbase. His first show at the Madison Theater in Covington, KY opening for ENMY saw him bring 70+ fans of his own, some of which flew in to see him perform. SAYWHEN has had several videos go viral on TikTok as well, including open verse challenges with Atlus and Sadie Jean that garnered 213k and 165k views respectively.

Blake was born into a musical family in Minneapolis where he had the opportunity to play any instrument he could get his hands on. With his deep passion and love for playing, Blake started touring with bands such as Spoken and Tooth & Nail’s XXI. Playing over 1k shows as a drummer and many more as a tech, sound engineer, and stagehand, he has been on the road non-stop. Utilizing the go-getter mentality he learned while on tour through the years, Blake is spending 2022 playing shows in and around the Midwest while releasing two new tracks ‘obsessed’ and ‘SUGARBABY.’

With a wild fanbase on social media and a catchy sound you’ll want to put on repeat all day, SAYWHEN is showing no signs of stopping.

"...I’m also floored by the tremendous mood shifts and transitions throughout “obsessed”. It can lull you in with an engaging, quintessential pop-toned sound and then segue into a blistering rock extravaganza in the hook without the least of a glitch. It just all seems to flow together."” - The StreamLINE Music Blog

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